Monday, July 10, 2006

Our Vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth

My best friend Kelly has decided to take her kids to Disney this summer so I thought I'd share some photos from our trip last summer.

Mickey is hard to find, and even harder to get a picture of. We didn't see him until our last day. And...maybe it's me, but is he shorter?

By the way this guy is popular and if you get the chance, get a picture. Otherwise he's usually mauled by children (and their parents!)

This thing proves that kids really like the simple stuff. This contraption outside of Soarin' Over California blasts out cool steam like a giant cool humidifier. Kevin played under it every chance he got-which was nice when it's hot out. It was also fun to get an ice cream and sit on a bench across from this thing and people watch. (**note to Kelly** you could enjoy a minute with Shane while the kids play here, and there's a cool store across the street from this with all sorts of aviation-type souveniers)

Those penny squishie machines looked like a cheap souvenier, until we spend close to $30 on them. They were a lot of fun to find, though. The 50th anniversary machine was broken so my friend Deb got one from her vacation and sent it to us at Christmas. Between the penny machines and hidden Mickeys, they kept Kevin busy.

This penny arcade on Main Street USA was squishy penny jackpot, with tons of machines all over the place. It was also an ice cream shop. Bring your pennies and quarters!

The lego store over in Downtown Disney is a must-see for any Lego lover. Kevin just about hyperventilated with joy when he saw the place...and then climbed the giant brick at the entrance. If you have a Lego lover in the family, don't miss it. Inside is pure Lego heaven. Hope you have the credit card with you. Cha Ching!

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