Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The List Queen and her Prince

I am the Queen of Lists. Seriously. Need a list? Here, let me. I'm an expert. I makes lists of everything. Groceries I need to buy, daily chores I need to do, events that are happening, I'm your girl. Even when I was a kid, I made lists for homework, boys I liked, you name it. Okay, sure. My priorities were a little different when I was 13.

So this skill would be fantastic if I didn't keep losing them and then have to make another list.

I've been making packing lists for our road trip for months. I think I've done three or four copies by now...revising, improving, adding...and then losing. It's pretty pathetic. Finally I wrote it down on the computer, which would be great if I could remember where I saved it. For all my organization, I'm pretty terrible at being organized.

But see, the bonus of writing all this stuff down is that it has helped me remember it. I have this terrible memory. Things just swirl around in there, and I forget stuff until...BAM! Three in the morning I wake up with a jolt and remember that I was supposed to buy John deoderant the day before. You'll often hear me say..."just let me write that down." because if I don't, it's gone to that big space in my brain in the sky. However you also take the chance that if I write it down, I'll lose it.

I think that Kevin has inherited my list making abilities. Here's a sample of a list of library books that he wants to sign out:

-Wild Turkeys of the United States
-The Complete Book of White Tail Hunting
-Advanced Black Powder Hunting
-The Gun Trader's Guide

...and he forgets the rest.

Again, maybe it's genetic!

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