Saturday, July 15, 2006

In News Today....

Some interesting news stories I found out there.....

A woman over in LA gave birth to quadruplets on July 6. Which is a feat in itself, already. I mean...4? At once? But what makes this story even more amazing is that three years earlier the same woman had triplets. You got it, that's 7 kids under three years old. All I can say is...can you even imagine trying to take them anywhere? And the diapers? Poor woman won't be sleeping for awhile, is all I can say.

Then you get the blogger who began a trading frenzy with a red paperclip, and worked his way up to a house. A house, you say? John and I were talking about that last night as I began eyeing all of his possessions, wondering what we could trade. Some days that 'kid for sale' sign is looking like a good idea. Think I'd get a house too?

However, one of my favorite stories is how a chemist has invented a test strip for caffeine. You heard me right, once he figures it all out we'd have paper strips to dip in our coffee (or pop) to figure out the level of jolt we're getting. I'm sure I would be the type of person testing the coffee to make sure it has enough caffeine. On the other hand, it would be handy for kids like Kevin. Oh, you have never seen the child on caffeine? Think Tazmanian Devil. We have banned all caffinated beverages from his diet since the last time John approved a can of Coke, then we had to sit in a car with the boy for about 2 hours. It wasn't pretty. He almost ended up in the trunk.

And in weather news today, the sun is out! The temperatures hover this week between 17 and 23 C (or low 60s to 70s for you Americans). So while it's not that hot out, it looks as though it will quit raining for awhile. Finally. It would be nice to use my summer wardrobe of shorts and tank tops eventually. Over in our holiday destination of Moab, Utah, it's 41C/107 F. Sounds toasty. No wonder when we came back from Utah last summer we were freezing!

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