Sunday, July 23, 2006

Heat Wave

It's been hot out. Really hot. Well, for here, anyway. Low 90s, which is hot for us-hey, stop laughing all of you that are living with 100+.

Grounding your kids is a pain. Kevin has been pretty obnoxious since the "I hate you" incident, and so he's been on a technology ban (read-no tv/computer/stereo) and unable to leave the yard. So yes, you've guessed it-while he's been stuck at home, it's been hot and uncomfortable, and I've been stuck at home too. When I'd rather be at the beach or even the festival that was happening in town this weekend. Anywhere but at home in a 90 degree house. He's slowly shaping up, and hopefully soon I can gradually let him have some perks back. The ironic thing?

Later on in the week it's supposed to rain.

Sometimes disciplining your kids really stinks.

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