Friday, July 21, 2006

He Who Holds the Remote-Rules the TV

Why is tv so bad in the summer? Do the actors in all the good shows take holidays? Or is it a huge conspiracy to play with the minds of those parents that are at home with their kids for two months straight in the middle of blinding heat? Okay, not blinding maybe, I do live in Canada. This week it's in the low 90s, which is blinding for us. We watched Grey's Anatomy last night, which was good, but there is precious little on tv right now that is appealing to me.

When I was growing up, we had two channels. Count 'em. TWO. No Saturday morning cartoons. I was deprived back in thse days, you know. I also had to walk uphill to school, in the snow no less. We didn't have a McDonald's, either. I digress. So considering that my only cartoons were the occasional Bugs Bunny special or Disney once a week, I didn't watch much tv. I'm not much of an avid tv watcher today, either....I'm not quite convinced of it's appeal.

So then maybe someone can explain what is it about remote controls and men to me. John has to be in constant control of the remote. He has to always have the thing in his hands as if it's his security blanket and can't stand it if someone else happens to pick it up. Even if I'm watching a program first and he joins me, he comes to me to get his precious remote. Why? Who knows? I don't really care, to be honest...I can do without tv anyway. However when he falls asleep and the following program is about Tibetan goat herders, it can get tricky. Kevin and I have perfected the art of gently extracting the remote from his grasp without waking him, much like prisoners stealing keys from their sleeping jailer. Sometimes he'll snort, sit up, and say, "Hey! I'm watching that!". Which is really quite funny because when I begin asking him questions about the Tibetan goat herders, he can't answer them and changes the channel. No really, don't think I'm jealous. I don't really need control of the remote. Although I do sometimes wish that I had one that worked on children, and had a mute button.

I think we may just play with his mind and remove the batteries next time he falls asleep, just to scare him.

Aren't I evil?

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