Monday, July 10, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth part 2

If you look closely at this picture you will notice that both Kevin and John are soaked. This is precisely why in the guide books they advise you to take extra clothes if you go on the water rides, and some even suggest taking a plastic bag with a hole cut out for your head. On the Grizzly River Run, Kevin gleefully laughed as wave after wave came over the side of the ride and soaked everyone on board. He was in the midst of declaring "It's YOUR turn to get wet" to another tourist when a wave of cold water landed directly on his head. Then we all laughed at him.

Now, see....I was the lucky one. I'm not wet at all. They were all jealous. At least it was hot out but both John and Kevin were a little uncomfortable. I laughed. Even on Splash Mountain, I hid behind John and he got all wet-I didn't get it at all. However if you have a camera, take a small plastic bag to put it in. If you get wet, you get really wet.

This picture wasn't so much to show the beauty of Cinderella's castle, but more or less how busy it was. I swear that every person in LA had decided to go to Disney every single evening! Granted we live in a tiny town and are not used to crowds anymore. But oy! You have to be especially careful of the Moms pushing those strollers. I had my toes run over by a stroller or get smacked in the shins with one at least a few times a day. Ouch! I left with bruises! This picture illustrates why I began naming Disney the most crowded place on earth.

Chip and Dale always were my favorite characters. Of course, growing up I had only two tv channels and no cartoons except Disney.

When we were there the characters didn't roam the park. They have scheduled meet and greet sessions. By some fluke we saw them and got in line with all the other kids in order to get a quick picture. We stand in the hot sun for ages with little kids screaming and parents shoving them towards the front of the line, a stroller wielding Mom behind me smacking the thing into my calves, and we finally get to the front of the line....

...and they say "okay, that's it" and plan to go. What? Dale must have seen our faces and came running over to Kevin, gave him a hug, and said, "Take one quick!" What a sweetie. See, I always knew that these guys were the best ones.

Kevin's response? "Mom why do they have bodyguards?" (meaning the handlers that accompany these poor souls so they don't get mauled, die of heatstroke or trip and hurt themselves) . All in all, it was a really fun trip. We plan to go back when Kevin is a teenager.

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