Friday, July 07, 2006

The Great Grocery Escape

"What took you so long?"

This is the question that my husband asks every time I emerge from the car after a trip to get groceries. You would think that after 10 years he'd know the answer, but he still doesn't. But then, he doesn't grocery shop with Kevin.

I have to start off by saying that Kevin has never been really bad in a store. He's just....exahausting. Okay granted the child has sensory delays that make stores highly stimulating and when he was little he couldn't help himself, but now that he's 10 he knows what to do. He has places that are quieter where he can sit and wait, he has gum to chew and things to fiddle with. He's figured out how to play the system though.

"My engine is too high" he whines. (meaning...I can't take this environment and if you drag me in another store I'm just going to get super hyper and drive you insane)
I tell him the strategies of what he knows will calm him down. He refuses.
"Can we go to the bead shop?"
I then explain the irony of not being able to handle the stores that we have to go to , and then adding yet another store that he wants to go to. If he can't handle the first couple, then why add another?
"Because I want to go there."

Busted. I explained that if he couldn't handle the stores we needed to go to, that didn't show me that he could handle the one that he wanted to go to. Suddenly he was calm and well behaved. HA!

Still, John hasn't really figured out why I take so long when I shop without Kevin. Do I tell him that I stop for a coffee, browse the makeup aisle, and bask in the peace and quiet? Do I spill that I actually take my time, look at the items in the ethnic foods aisle, and chat to people, rather then just madly tossing items in the cart and getting out as quick as possible?

Na. If he still hasn't figured it out after 10 years, why ruin a good thing?

On the other hand, if escapism for me is the grocery store, it doesn't say much for my social life now, does it?

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