Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Garage Doors

About three months ago my husband came home, parked his car in the driveway, and went in the house for lunch. He was midway through making a sandwhich when a loud BANG came from the garage. The emergency brake had failed on the car, and the car had rolled directly into the garage door, leaving a nice big dent in the brand new white door. Lovely.

We have lived in this community for a year now, and there are still some things that we haven't gotten used to. One is the lack of decent shopping (that's a whole different post), but the other is the seemingly cavalier attitude of business owners/workers. Need a garage door fixed? Sure. I'll call you in a week for an estimate. Maybe. If the weather is nice I may close down the business and go fishing. Or, if I don't feel like it I'll just blow you off. I may get to it eventually, but don't expect it anytime soon. There is such a lack of competition here amoung businesses that they don't really work at customer service, and they pretty much have you trapped with some things. They open and close when they feel like it, depending on the weather and the fishing. Which is why many people go to the city nearby to do any shopping. Getting something done here is like trying to convince a 2 year old to give up a beloved toy. They will only do it when they feel like it.

Last week the garage door guy showed up at 9 am when I was in the shower. He told Kevin he'd be back that afternoon and left. I stayed home all day, expecting the guy to show up. Nope. Finally I had to drive Kevin's friend that was visiting for the day home. While I was gone the guy first phoned the house, and then John at work to see if one of us would be home because he was coming to fix the door. We both rush home to meet him, and guess what? There's a message on the answering machine that he had something more important to do and wasn't coming. He ended the call with "well I suppose you find your time with your family valuable anyhow". What was that supposed to mean? Of course John finds time with us valuable, but he had just cancelled meetings and rushed home, only to find that the guy changed his mind.

I just got another phone call a few minutes ago.

"Well, we're sending the guy straight to your house at 9 am tomorrow so that we don't have to guess as to when you will be home" He pointedly emphasizes the "so YOU will be home part". He sounds really insulted. Maybe it was the message I left on their machine after he blew us off last week, saying that I didn't appreciate the fact that they pulled my husband from work only to not show up. I added that if they actually scheduled time with us instead of coming whenever they felt like it, we could arrange to be home.
"I'm not working, I'm home all the time-if you guys called before you came instead of just showing up at the door, I'd arrange my day appropriately." I countered.
"Well he's coming to see you the minute he gets off the ferry."
Click. Someone needs to teach this man some people skills. Since when do you hang up on customers? Especially when they are dropping $800 in your pocket?

Let's make a prediction here....he won't arrive at 9am, instead he'll arrive probably in the afternoon, if he arrives at all. Unless of course, he decides to go fishing.

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