Thursday, July 13, 2006

Babysitters, String, and Garage Doors

So over the past few days I learned a few things...

1-My web goddess friend Kelly is wonderful, patient person and so giving of her time (check out those lovely pictures in the sidebar, thanks to her tutorials to me via e-mail on how to work with html). You see, I see the toys on her blog and I'm jealous, so I ask her to share how she does it. Now I want a counter thingy too, but you know...can't ask for too much at once. May start driving her crazy, if I haven't already. But she knows I love her.
2-When it is raining out and all their friends are busy, children tend to go a little squirrely and become posessive of tape and string, although hot teenage babysitters seem to appease them rather quickly.
3-My garage door repairman is not only rude, but unreliable
4-I'm not as out of shape as I thought.

No kidding! I really wasn't that sore after that bike ride. Only now my front bike tire is flat so I don't think I'll be going for another ride soon. Which is too bad, now that I know the route. (snort!)

Kevin has been climbing the walls the past few days and has been driving me batty. Maybe it's the fact that it's raining and there's not much to do, or that his friends are all busy. At any rate he's resorted to hoarding the tape and string in the house, and became quite upset when I said it must stay in the kitchen where it belongs. "But it's MINE!" he wailed. Huh? He took me too literally when I said "It's all yours" awhile ago, meaning it was all his to create his science project with. Oops. He has cheered up now that he knows he gets to have a cute babysitter on Saturday so John and I can go to a BBQ. I offered to make them dinner and when I asked him what he wanted, he asked for prawns and pasta by candlelight. "Oh, but that sounds more like a date" he ponders aloud. (I just about choked on my tea on that one)

The garage door guy showed up this morning. Early. Early? I was surprised. Again, I had just gotten out of the shower. He must have the same radar that children do when you are talking on the phone. He took one look at me standing there in a robe with a towel wrapped around my head and insisted he'd come back in "around three hours."

Whoooooooa there. Uh uh. No way. "But you said you'd fix it at 9am" I reply evenly, looking as official as one can, with no makeup and a towel on her head like a turban.
"Ya well you don't have the car moved. I'll come back." he starts to walk away. Quick! Think of something or he'll never come back!
"It will only take me a few seconds to move the car." My keys are jingling in my hand.
"I'm going. I'll be back in about three hours". He walks futher away. I was annoyed by now...
"If you had no intention of doing the job, then why did you bother coming here in the first place?" I demand. He stops and glares at me. He's pissed off. "I was told you'd fix it at 9am this morning. I will move my car, and you will fix my garage door. Now."

He fixed the garage door, all right. From the inside of the house it sounded more like he was beating it to death, but it got done. And then he peeled out of our driveway like a teenager on the way to a hot date.

Betcha he won't be so hard to get ahold of when I need to pay the bill, ya think?

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