Thursday, June 15, 2006

You're not THAT young anymore

I've always been the youngest one. In my family, I'm the youngest child. When I became a paraprofessional (teacher's aide), I was always the youngest on staff. At times I was mistaken for a student! Then I married my husband, who I will always be much younger than. All his friends, who soon became my friends, are also about 15+ years older then me.

Even my own friends, the group of gals that I did weekly dinners with back in our old town, were all older. Didn't matter to me, I don't really notice age that much. But I think always being younger never gave me the sense that I was actually getting older. So here I am now, 35, and thinking, "Wow. Okay, I'm no spring chicken anymore." I realize that all my friends reading this who are older are probably plotting ways to smack me upside the head now, because I am still in my 30s and that's still young. But I'm seeing that it's a lot older then in your 20's, that's for sure. You begin to look at things differently because you realize that you don't always have the luxury of time. And of course, your body just has to begin reminding you that yes, you are older.

Granted it's my own fault. I have an old work injury, and I should know better then to do things that may aggravate it. But when you're feeling good, you forget about things sometimes. So on Monday when the teacher I was working with asked me to remove some artwork from a bulletin board, and the job required me to stand on a stool and reach to dig staples out of wall, I thought nothing of it.

Bad idea. I have been advised to never do anything that really requires me to stretch and reach for things above my head. So now I have this tendon in my neck that is just bulging out there, and every time I so much as move it screams in pain. It radiates down my back, into my shoulder, and up my head as well (I have an incredible headache). I can't sleep very well, it hurts to move much. John is afraid to so much as touch me lest I scream and swat him. (hee hee)

Okay I know I need to exercise, but something more important always seems to need to be done. I'm not that fond of bouncing around a gym, or whatever, to get all sweaty. I've never been the sporty type. I think I'd better go do something before every little thing lands me on ibuprophen, because I am only 35, even though bodily I feel about 80. When I was a kid, I remember my Mom always having back problems, and I don't want that for me. So prevention, here we come. :)

However in the mean time, I'll just sit here in my pjs, drinking coffee and blogging..which I thought was a great idea until I just realized that I'm out of ibuprophen. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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