Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weekly Happenings

One of my friends commented that she likes my blog because she can keep up with the goings on in my life these days.

What's really going on?

Well, let's see. Where to begin?

Tonight we saw a deer wander down our road. Across the street used to be just forest, so we became neighbors with the deer, rabbits, and even bears (no sleeping out in tents in this neighborhood). However now that the forest gave way to housing, we see animals far less often. The sight of this poor deer wandering around trying to get it's bearings was a little sad.

Our clover mite visitors are gone. Pest control sprayed the entire yard, and the little guys decided that the fun of being in the house wasn't worth it. Yay!

School is almost out, and I'm very glad. I'm looking forward to the end of the year and the lazy days of summer where Eccentric boy and I can hang out at the beach and go for bike rides. He is finding it harder and harder to concentrate on school work, and at this point it seems like a lost cause. I am thrilled with his teachers and their work with him this year, so much so that we have planned a thank-you 'tea' for them at our house next week.

So far I have been booked less and less for work, which is fine. Gives me more time to blog. (just kidding!) So far I have a Sports Day on Friday with a Hawaiian theme, so I went out and bought a lei to wear. No, there will be no coconut bras. (ha ha ha). We have a Beach Day too in a few weeks so that should be interesting. I was also asked to help teach a sign language course to other aides in my district. Wow! I said yes, of course.

Our C drive died. I am blogging using Handy Dad's lap top. (shhhh!) We are getting a new one installed which hopefully will be nice and fast.

I have fallen in love with watching "House" and "Boston Legal". Me, the girl who never watches TV.

Life has fallen into a predictable, comfortable, routine. I sure craved that a few years ago. :) Things are good.

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