Friday, June 16, 2006

Stuff I don't like so much

Okay, and to go with that post, here's some things I cannot STAND. I'm not sure I'll be able to list four of each, so I'm just listing what I can think of. Go ahead, you can play too.

4 Foods you could never bribe me to eat
-liver (or any other organ-eww)
-raw oysters
-brussel sprouts
-cream filled chocolates (why on earth would anyone ruin perfectly good chocolate by pairing it with disgusting orange flavored fluff? eww!)
-Nanaimo bars-does that make me anti Canadian? I hate the things, I think it's the icing on them. Yuk.

Most Disappointing Places I've been on Vacation
-Whispering Palms 'Resort' in Palm Cove, Australia (uh..right. It was a dump surrounded by a chain link fence)
-Honolulu, Hawaii
-the hoodoos in Drumheller, Alberta
-the Motel 6 in Hurricane, Utah (let me clarify here...the motel, not the town )

Colors I don't like
-barbie pink-did you know that animals put under pink light eventually become cannibalistic? No wonder I hate the Barbie aisle

Tv Shows I never watch (okay I rarely watch tv anyway, so I could list a lot more. But I normally never watch these ones)
-CSI (okay I know it's popular, but it does nothing for me)
-Fear Factor
-Law and Order
-American Hot Rod-all the guys do is fight and have attitude, and I hate watching it. It's like watching a couple of kids in high school.

Movies I have not liked
-Starship Troopers
-Austin Powers

Toys I detest
-Bratz dolls-those things look like hookers!
-Hot Wheels (the plastic track stuff that breaks and falls apart)
-Knex-I can never put the stupid things together and have drawn blood trying to do so

Things I really HATE doing, but still have to.
-my taxes
-cleaning my bathrooms
-getting up really early in the morning
-supervising school playgrounds in the rain

Drinks that I'm not fond of
-most alcohol (does that make me weird?)
-regular tea
-American iced tea (not the powdered sweet Canadian stuff that you add water to)
-Tim Horton's coffee (again, probably I'll get hate mail for it, but I really don't like their coffee that much)

Things I wish I didn't have
-grey hair-I only have a few but that's bad enough
-wrinkles-ditto with the grey hair
-a visa bill

General things I'm not fond of
-mean girls and their scary parents!
-people who drive and talk on cell phones
-fast food places that charge less for huge amounts of food in 'meals', but more for the smaller sizes/less food-crowds
-hard core marketting of movies/toys/foods to kids
-voice mail

Music I don't like
-heavy metal
-my parents (the ultra religious hymnal stuff)

Actors that I don't enjoy watching
-Tom Cruise-he's a little creepy
-Jim Carrey (not nuts about many of his roles)
-Jack Black (ditto on the roles thing)
-again, I can't think of a fourth

Commercials that I hate
-Subway dinner theatre ones
-Kelloggs All Bran (the one where they repeat the name of the cereal over and over)
-Wendy's bacon cheeseburger ones where the kid hypnotises his parents
-Canadian direct insurance

Again, how bout you? :P

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