Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Science projects and Teacher Tea

Wow, it's been a hectic two days.

Kevin's teacher assigned a science project on Friday. Nothing real drastic mind you, just a good drawing of a compound machine (which is a machine made up of various simple machines-levers, pulleys, etc). For bonus marks the kids could build it. Build it? Did he said build? Kevin is so there. He is enthralled. And then he designs this incredibly complex machine and wants us to go spend $50 on supplies to create it.

We refuse to spend $50 and whining ensues. We do compromise though, and I was sent to the store to purchase various odds and ends for the project. It took me two days alone just to gather all the materials! It's hard to find things in this little town. Like gumballs, for instance. Don't even try. I already have. So we settled on Gobstoppers. They are the same shape, anyhow. So the machine is called a Gobstopper contraption and it's build out of various odds and ends-bits of recycled stuff, lego, pulleys, etc. It's very, very cool by the way. I hope that it works for him at school, because once that car hits the marble, which sends the marble down a chute into a basket, that gets raised up by a pulley and hits a spoon, which makes the other spoon tip a gumball into a toy truck, which goes down a ramp and knocks over a pile of dominos......anyhow. It's fun to watch. It works now, but I'm not sure we can move it to the school and duplicate it there. Could be fun to try though.

So he got the thing built with John's help, and then drew it. I'm not sure if the drawing is up to the teacher's liking but there wasn't really any instructions other then a pencil drawing that is labled. We had to keep him organized and on task, and man-it was a lot of work. By the end we were all totally exhausted.

All I can say is after all that work he'd better get a really good grade!

In between discusing pulleys, fulcrums, and levers, I'm trying to get ready for the special "Teacher Tea" that we are hosting at our house on Thursday. We invited all the school staff that are involved with Kevin. I have baked a cheesecake, some Caramilk pecan brownies, some cookies, bought all sorts of fruit for a fruit plate, etc. We have a various assortment of hot and cold teas and coffees to drink. For an end of the year gift I scrap booked each person the Heart of Gold post. Now all I have to do is clean my house! At least I have tomorrow to do it, after I come home from being at the beach all day. My school is going on a field trip, so that should be interesting.

So wish us luck! I am so looking forward to the end of the school year, and is it really only TEN days away?

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