Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's Saturday!

I love Saturdays. You see, I have an only child and he's 10, so he's hit the age of can't-get-me-up-even-if-you-tried. Whoo hoo! I get to sleep in. On school days, even if I don't get a last minute phone call to go to work, still means I have to get up at 7 am to get Kevin off to school. He's not an organized child and likely wouldn't ever get up if I didn't stand over him and playfully whack him with a stuffie.

Today it's bright, sunny, hot, and has loads of promise to be a good day. I usually grocery shop on Saturday. Not today. Are you kidding? It's a day for the beach. I may pack Kevin up and take off to one of the many in the area. I think he has plans to visit friends though, so that could change mine. If he would rather take off with them, that's okay. Another part of (although not so nice) of being a mom to an only. I'm not his playmate anymore, and his friends are starting to take precedence. Which is okay with me. I'm thrilled he has friends.

Readers have been asking about the teacher's tea. It went wonderfully! The only sad thing was that Kevin's actual teachers (two great guys) couldn't come. But everyone else did and we had about 6 people over for cheesecake, tea, fruit, brownies, etc. I didn't read Heart of Gold out loud, because none of us wanted to have a cry fest. But they all loved it. :) Kevin was so thrilled to have them over that he gave them the tour of the entire house, including our messy garage. (hee hee) Then the next day we delivered a plate of goodies to his teachers that couldn't come, and they were sooooo happy. The nice thing was that most of them had been run off their feet all day and coming to our house was a great chance to just sit and relax. I know how that is at the end of the school year, so I was glad to do it for them. I must say though that they seemed a little overwhelmed that we wanted to thank them that much. But many of them don't know the whole story.

One week to go until school is out. We have begun planning our vacation now, even though it's in August. Last summer we spent the whole summer recovering from major stress. This summer? Now it's time to have fun!

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