Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I shamelessly have stolen this game from another blog, but I thought it would be something light and funny. Basically I make a list of things I like, and invite my readers to play along. You guys can give me your list via the comments, or post them on your own blogs. :P

4 Jobs I have had...
-Waitress at White Spot (which I did okay at, until I dumped a Coke on someone-they were not happy)
-Barista at Starbucks...loved that job! Well, okay...I met my husband wasn't against the rules to date the customers
-Gift Wrapper at a department store (I still wonder if the people got the right items back, lolol)
-Special Ed Teacher's Assistant-which I still do, and I love.

4 Movies that I can, and do, watch over and over
-Lord of the Rings (okay I'm cheating here, but the entire trilogy!)
-Pretty Woman
-The Mummy-
Independence Day

Places I've Lived
-Vancouver, BC
-Richmond, BC
-Vancouver Island, BC
-BC interior

4 TV Shows I Enjoy
-House-House reminds me of hubby's doc back in our old town. Hilarious to meet but I'm not sure I'd want him for a doc,lolol
-Boston Legal-James Spader is my favorite...he's soooo sweet and funny, and Denny Crane..well-he's just funny
-Medium-I suppose I do like the creepy stuff...
-The Ghost Whisperer-but as you can tell, not too creepy
-my 5th, which is a cheat, is Gilmore Girls-I love Lorelei, and can totally relate to her angst with her parents.

4 of my Favorite Children's Book Authors
-Lucy Maude Montgomery -Especially "Anne of Green Gables"
-Eric Carle-his art is amazing
-Roald Dahl, especially "The Witches"which is a hilarious read aloud
-Dav Pilky (who I just noticed writes Capt. Underpants books, which I hate. But I love his Dragon books)

4 Places I've been on Vacation
-Cairns, Australia
-St. George, Utah
-Jackson, California
-Calgary, Alberta

4 Foods that I love
-Starbucks raspberry lemon loaf

4 Starbucks drinks I love-inspired by my friend Darren, who asked if I had a favorite drink. When I gave him about 4 answers, he said, "the answer is no. I ask for one and you list 4. You just want a Starbucks in your kitchen! lolol!"
-tall nonfat vanilla latte with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles
-tall eggnog latte with whipped cream and nutmeg ( can you say fat-ten-ing?)
-tall caramel macchiato
-tall iced non fat vanilla latte (even though I used to make them better when I worked for Starbucks then they do now-chill those glasses A&W does)

4 Places I'd rather be
-hiking in Zion Canyon, Utah
-on the beach in Palm Cove, Australia
-diving the Great Barrier Reef
-visiting my friend Kelly in person, rather then via the Internet

4 Things I'd love to own
-a digital camera
-a Starbucks card (with lots of $$ on it)
-an IPod
-a nice bike..mine is on it's last legs, I think

4 guilty pleasures
-Sex in the City-the tv show, people, the tv show.
-People Magazine-I've never had a subscription, but love reading them at the doctor's office, the dentist, etc.
-Chocolate ganache cake from a local bakery
-buying myself CDs, which I almost never ever do

4 Hot Celebrities that I like to watch
-Orlando Bloom
-Johnny Depp
-Keanu Reeves
-I can't think of a fourth. Suggestions?

4 Singers that I love to listen to
-Great Big Sea
-Rascal Flats
-Christina Auguilera
-Keith Urban

4 Commercials that Make me Smile
-Frank and Gordon from Bell Canada
-Monster Cookies from Dairy Queen
-Cadbury Easter Eggs clucking rabbits
-Telus commercials

So...what about you?

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