Monday, June 26, 2006

Here Comes the Sun

We're melllltttinnng!

Yep, global warming has caused Canada, the land of ice and snow, to start to melt. I can't bring out the dog sled to take Kevin to school, so we had to walk today. The igloo is starting to melt, and pretty soon we'll be in a tent instead. Damn those car emissions.

Oh? You know that Canada isn't the land of perpetual ice and snow? That we actually have summer weather? You actually can't ski in the middle of June?? Hee hee. Nothing is funnier then seeing tourists in Canada in July with skis strapped to their cars and it's 90 degrees out. Where we are, there is no snow even in the winter, save for a very light dusting.

It's hot here. Okay, for those of you that live where there is real, actual heat, don't laugh. I know, I know. But you have to let us bask in thinking that it's hot. I know that when I came home from Utah last year I was freezing. So ya, maybe 33 C (high 80's, lower 90s) for you isn't hot. But for this part of the country, it's pretty toasty...and it's a humid heat too.

Anyhow it's supposed to last awhile, which is nice. I can finally break out the shorts and tank tops and get some use out of them. I make salads and cold supper dishes, which again is nice because I don't have to cook much. It gives me a bit of an excuse to be lazy and read a book on the beach. Ice cream, popsicles, and freezies call from the freezer. By the way, a Freezie is short for Freeze Pop, which is the same thing as an Otterpop for you Americans.

The heat is getting to Kevin though. He was out with me at the beach on Saturday, and again with a friend on Sunday, and he's 'beached out', so to speak. I think he may have a little heat stroke. This morning he was like Jeckyl and Hyde, all sunny one second and then morphing into some unspeakably rude and obnoxious alien the next. I'm sure the school didn't like it because they phoned me at about 10 am and begged me to take him home. After a nap, ol' Jeckyl (or is it Hyde? The bad one) disappeared and his sunny disposition returned. It's amazing what Breyer's chocolate ice cream, a video, and some sleep does. He's still a little cranky though, so we'll hope for a good sleep tonight even though it's going to be warm again.

Earlier today he's in his room listening to a stereo and comes bounding into the kitchen...
"Is that the ice cream truck?"
"I don't hear any ice cream truck" I reply
Defeated, he retreats to his room. About a full minute later, the ice cream truck slowly drives past the house, merrily calling children to come buy it's overpriced wares. How did he hear that? It was completely silent. Okay, I know that John keeps telling me to get MY hearing checked, but it couldn't be that bad.

"I'm like a dog, Mom. I hear stuff that nobody else can."

Sort of like me being able to sniff out a Starbucks no matter where we are?

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