Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

This picture is from our summer vacation last year in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

When I was a kid we went on big camping trips every summer, but John and I haven't had much opportunity to take family vacations. Either his job working with street kids didn't afford us the freedom, and by the time he quit, we had the freedom but no money. Many times he had wanted to take us to the Four Corner States (Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah for you Canadians) but we didn't get the opportunity until last year.

On this trip we took one look at each other and I said, "When are we coming back?" The answer is this summer. We've been planning it all year. I love vacationing with John, he is so great at thinking of all the things that Kevin would love to do. Sometimes I just sit back and watch as the two of them go digging for fossils, discuss ghost towns, and talk about the mechanics of cars or mines. I can't compete with that, nor do I want to. I challenged, so to speak.

My husband is an amazing father. He is consistent and fair, loving and yet still firm. Kevin needs that. We balance each other out well, with me being the soft, more nuturing parent and John being the one that has high expectations for Kevin and pushes him to do his best. I am so proud to be married to a man that, despite having challenges himself (dyslexia), he rises above it and pushes himself. What amazes me is that he doesn't just suceed at what he does, he excels. When Kevin is discouraged, John is always there to give him a word of encouragement and a push.

I am so blessed to have such a great partner in life and parenting. Much like a wonderful vacation, I can't wait to see what's down the road ahead.

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