Sunday, June 04, 2006

Down the hill, through the woods....

...and off to Vancouver we go!

Our family paid a visit to the city yesterday. Handy Dad had to go there for business, we got to tag along for pleasure. We decided to go to Science World. For those of you that have never been there, check it out...

Wonderful place to visit. Anyhow, Eccentric boy and I had a wonderful time. For the first time ever we got there very early and the place was practically empty, so EB got to try out all the exhibits without other kids clamoring everywhere. Every exhibit, toy, sciency thingy was just waiting, empty, beckoning to be played with. And we were up to the challenge.

The best place, by far, included a giant water table with balls that you shoot in cannons to the top pools. It proved very popular with boys as the place filled up. Soon the 'lab' was abuzz with kids running around, checking out cannons that shoot parachutes, giant infared cameras, and a 200 kg hippo that you try to lift. Cool stuff. Eccentric Boy was at a water table, trying to convince some five year olds to see things his way while dam building. It was hilarious watching him using his negotiating skills with such little children. Finally, he decided that they needed more water pressure and went further up the table, pushing the water with his hand to make waves for the dams further down. A small boy was putting his hand in a water fall. At first I wasn't sure what he said, but soon his comments to EB became obvious. "Stop that you F*cker!!" he yelled loudly. He then released a whole string of profanity that made EB step back in shock and look at me. I shrugged and said, "Just ignore him". This little guy ran around swearing at and bossing all the other kids. No parent was to be seen, so EB and I just shook our heads in wonder. Watching the parents was just as facinating as watching the kids, if not more. Some Dads were there with babies strapped to their chests, pushing strollers while the Moms kept track of the more mobile kids. Pregnant moms looking as if they were going to give birth any second waddled after their scampering toddlers. There were Moms in high heels and perfect makeup, young couples with no kids acting like kids themselves, and a woman completely asleep in the corner of the room.

I had noticed her awhile ago, and first wondered how on earth she could sleep considering the noise level in the place was so much that I couldn't even hear my cell phone ring. There she was, completely bent over, practically snoring. Offhandedly I smiled and thought she must be Mom to the little trucker mouthed boy at the water table. Sure enough, about five minutes later she woke up and went off to find the little guy, and they wandered away. this is why the little guy was so out of control! Left to his own devices in a room of possibly hundreds of people? No wonder.

Later on, EB was chosen to volunteer for a science demo, where the attendent held a bowling ball in front of his face and let go, only to have it swing back. She explained how it wouldn't hit him, because she didn't give it any extra energy. I wasn't so sure and was almost positive that those teeth, stained blue from a popsicle, would be on the floor instead of in his mouth. He kept the teeth though and the attendent looked very pleased with herself until EB kept giving away all the answers to her questions with the big words like cyntrifical (sp?) force and such. I had to tell him to just whisper them in my ear so he didn't ruin the show. The way he was going, he could've taught the show. Hmm. I see a good career move!

We saw a wonderful movie called Bugs, which I highly recommend, except for those who have sensitive children who will be bothered by the fact that one of the main characters actually eats the other one. I was inwardly greatful that EB is older, otherwise he would've been crying hysterically for "poor Pepito, the lovely butterfly." Even now at 10, he commented, "Mom that wasn't a nice way to end the movie, why did they do that?" with his voice thick with emotion. My poor, sensitive baby. Even though he knows that butterflies get eaten, he doesn't like to watch one hatch, go from caterpillar to butterfly, and then be devoured by a hungry preying mantis. He had gotten a little attached to it, you know? Now I understood why the couple behind us with the inquisitive 3 year old had left early.

Handy Dad picked us up hours later, and we promptly were stuck in a huge traffic jam for about a good 45 minutes. We did make the ferry home though, and had time to stop at our favorite restaurant in Horse Shoe Bay. Mmm.....famous for their fish and chips, Trolls service is fast and the food is yummy. A must visit if you come to Vancouver, in my opinion. They make an amazing beef dip sandwhich.

Next trip? The Vancouver Aquarium!

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