Monday, May 01, 2006

You Know You're the Mom of an Eccentric Kid When....

-He asks Santa for a table saw, at 8 years old.

-You find yourself standing outside a hardware store at 7am during Christmas holidays, even though you are really very sick, to buy an electric drill. For your 9 year old.

-Santa brings wood. Yes, planks of wood. And a hand saw.

-People who you've never met say, "Oh, so YOU are Jake's Mom."

-The neighbors tell you they've dubbed him the "neighborhood kid" because everyone knows him, likes him, and tries to feed him.

-You find him outside with baking soda and 5 types of vinegar doing an 'experiment'

-his 16 yo babysitter tells you he gave her a science lesson on how to make hydrogen using batteries, a pencil, and water

-He tells you he wants deer antlers to carve for Easter

-You've nicknamed his room "The Abyss"

-he refuses to eat at certain Mcfast food restaurants

-people start offering you appliances for him to dismantle

-people start offering to pay him to fix their kid's bikes

-he tells you that he likes Bryce Canyon, Utah, better then Disneyland.

-he's 10 and insists on kissing you goodbye in front of all the kids at school :P

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