Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Messy Room

My room looked like a nuclear bomb went off in it. There were snakes under my bed and rats in my closet. There was a rotten, mouldy sandwich on the floor in my closet. My bed was covered in dirty clothes. There were lego guns strewn all over the floor. The fish food was over the top of my dresser, and there were rat droppings mixed in. It stunk like stink bomb, or a really bad skunk. Someone had come in my room with muddy shoes and left big footprints on the carpet. There was an unknown, vile substance splattered all over my walls. There was a glass of pop that I thought was fresh until I took a sip. I just about threw it up, it was so gross. My pellet gun was on the floor and there were pellets all over the floor, making it very dangerous to walk into my room. I can't stand this vile mess! So I got out the vacuum and broom, dustpan and garbage bag and got to work. I think this is going to take awhile.

Written by Eccentric Boy, 10 years old

***note to readers....Eccentric Boy's room, while it can get incredibly messy with things all over the floor (such as toys, dirty laundry, books, etc)..never looks like this. We do not have rats or snakes, nor does he own a pellet gun. This is the best piece of writing I have ever seen EB produce, and I promised to share it with my blog readers.***

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