Thursday, May 18, 2006

I have been invaded.

A few weeks ago we had our lawn fertilized-and then it began.

We have clover mites. For anyone that doesn't know what a clover mite is, it's a tiny reddish brown looking mite that lives in your lawn. When the lawn is new and lacks enough predators (like spiders), and then the lawn is fertilized, the mites decide to move from the lawn to your house. By the millions. We are finding them in our bed, on the toilet, on the counters, and even last night at dinner I found one in my drink. They usually stick to windows, but they come in and have a party, lay eggs and die, only to leave their little bodies behind. It looks more like someone had a party and threw coffee grounds all over my house. They haven't stuck to the windows, obviously. They are moving in and taking over.

So today we called pest control and are looking into having someone come to spray all those pests away.


My best friend informed me that it's karma for my criticisms of my neighbor's lawn, since clover mites only invade from lush, well kept ones.

I am resolving to keep all negative comments regarding other people's lawns to myself from now on. :P

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