Monday, May 22, 2006

Clover mites

The clover mites say hello.

I'm sure that if the little guys could some how group together and figure out how to run a keyboard, they would start their own blog inviting all their other little mite friends to our home for a visit. Fortunately they like to eat out, and we haven't found them in the food yet. The lawn must be like a giant smorgasboard to the little guys. They have temporarily moved out, because in this rainy weather we've been having, it entices them to go play in the lush, moist lawn. Maybe they'll stay out there.

When it does warm up again, they do enjoy using my ensuite as a spa, clustering in corners to hang out and use the shower. They sun themselves on the windowsills and enjoy going for a run on the counter tops. For some odd reason they enjoy the toilet as well, and before I sit I must always look to be sure I'm not going to be squishing some crawly little bug as I do my business.

As for my bedroom, they have had a wonderful time running around on the baseboards, sills, and electric heater. I also find that they enjoy the back door, which has a lovely view of the ocean.

Eccentric boy found a cluster of baby spiders outside today and began poking at them, only to have me, of all people, telling him that we want the spiders to grow up healthy and strong so they can eat all the mites in the lawn. Me. Spiders. I'm the woman who practically hid under her coat during the entire Shelob scene in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Who freaks out when a spider is near her. The things people do when they are desperate. EB tried to then lobby for a pet tarantula, but that didn't go over well.

Apparently the only thing to get rid of them is to spray a miticide around the house, and it's going to cost about $100. Sure beats having spiders all over the place, if you ask me.

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