Saturday, April 29, 2006

There are tossers, and then there are hoarders....

In our family we are divided into two camps. Those like me, who quite easily toss things that aren't useful/liked any longer, and those that keep everything. And I do mean everything, right down to a phone bill from 1987. No kidding. And his son takes after him. The child keeps every gum wrapper, every stick, every rock, every plastic do-dad that he finds. Last time I cleaned his room I came out with two garbage bags of stuff. Yuk!

Anyhow, just my luck that we move to a town that has this weird ritual. They put all the household things that they don't want at the end of their driveways, and on a designated day a truck comes by and takes them away. While the items are waiting for the truck, neighbors sift through each other's junk and take what they want. I'm hoping that it will encourage my husband to take the broken tv that has been sitting in the living room for the last six months, and literally "kick it to the curb". But no, he's already mentioned that he wants to "take it apart and keep the components." And do what with them? Let them sit in a box until our child gets married?

Since we moved here last year my husband goes through this ritual every few months about the "junk in the garage". He huffs and puffs and makes a big deal of the fact that its messy and has too much stuff in it. Let me tell you, the garage is the only place that I stay out of. I don't have anything in there except my car, a bike, and a few boxes of baby things I want to keep. Everything else belongs to one of my two guys. So today I was thinking that with this new clean up thing in town, I could really get rid of some of the junk. Sure...some of my junk. I have a pile of old toys to donate, some kitchen stuff that I never use, etc. My son's stuff is easy to get rid of, he never even notices when it's gone. I don't dare touch my husband's stuff though. When we moved last year he had a pile of clothes that he didn't want, there was a jacket in there that he did, and it got donated by accident. He whined and fussed and was really upset, and has never let me forget about that since! Oh well, the new jacket is nicer anyway. :)

My garage is just as messy as when I started, if not messier then before. And now I can safely say that none of the mess is mine. I'm done. Everything else in there belongs to my husband! Scuba gear, papers, and boxes of just plain old JUNK. Think he'll clean it? Na, he'll just complain, but he'll keep hoarding. Just like that stupid tv in my living room. By the way, anyone need some old scuba gear?

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