Sunday, April 30, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I was a teenager in the 80's-yep...big hair, funky clothes, the works.

2. My husband is quite a bit older then me-in fact, 20 years older.

3. We met at Starbucks-I was a barista, he was a customer.

4. We have been married a really long time. (16 years?)

5. I was 21 and he was 41 when we started dating

6. People often thought I was his daughter and we'd laugh at them when their mouths would drop open in surprise at the news I'm his wife. He thought it was the best thing ever.

7. People don't ask that question anymore.

8. I finally have attempted taking care of plants. My house went from none for years to suddenly having a bunch of them. So far I've only killed two three, but one wasn't my fault. Honest.

9. My kitchen is light slate blue and chocolate brown.

10. We go on long (as in 8000-9000 kms long) road trips every summer through the USA.

11. Hubs and I are pretty adventurous. We love to go 4x4ing, he has a pilot's license and is a certified cave guide, and we're both certified scuba divers. I haven't been diving in years.

12. Neither of us will attempt sky diving or bungee jumping.

13. I want to try zip lining...or kayaking around our local waters.

14. We live just minutes from the ocean. In fact I can see cruise ships on their way to Alaska from my kitchen window.

15. I have finally taught myself how to can and made pickles, jams, canned fruit, ice cream sauces, and tomatoes. I love it!

16. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil.

17. I also know how to make bread from scratch, but I rarely do because of the time factor.

18. We live very close to the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics

19. I've been published a few times: most notably in Canadian Living. I'd have to dig up the magazines to tell you which ones.

20. I love to bake! My specialty is cookies.

21. My current favorite is brownie dark chocolate M&M ones.

22. I am also a coffee addict. Must have 2 cups every morning. Nabob. 3 scoops in a #2 cone filter, brewed with a single cup thingy, with a spoonful of sugar. No cream.

23. Starbucks maple lattes with whipped cream were my favorite drink until they discontinued the maple flavor.

24. I now like caramel macchiatos

25. Parallel parking and backing my car out of tight spaces scares me.

26. This drives Hubs crazy when I need to move his car so I can back out of the garage.

27. When Hubs and I are in a car, he drives. He likes to be in control-which is totally fine by me!

28. Gummy candy is delicious, especially gummy bears.

29. I bite my nails when I'm bored.

30. I have never learned how to play chess, checkers, or most card games.

31. Three years ago I finally learned how to play Solitaire on the computer-and I love it!

32. I love taking pictures of things. It could become a new hobby.

33. Once a spider fell in my bra. Fastest unhooking ever, while dancing and screaming like I was being tortured. I don't like spiders. Especially in my bra.

34. The other bug that gives me shivers are leatherjackets.

35. I find book stores intoxicating. All those new books to READ.

36. If you haven't already guessed, reading is my favorite pass time. Next to blogging, of course.

37. I started Notes From the Cookie Jar four years ago on a whim. Had no idea I'd be addicted so quickly.

38. After spending 5 summers in the USA, I finally like American iced tea-only if it's sweetened, and certainly NOT McDonalds sweetened iced tea. It tastes like someone dumped a pound of sugar in it.

39. I have lost a friend over blogging. Now I'm kinda glad she's gone.

40. I think snakes are sort of cute.

41. I do not belong to any sort of organized religion; however, I also believe that one doesn't have to in order to have faith.

42. I don't like camping and you can't bribe me to do it. Give me a clean hotel, please.

43. Wide open country spaces make me happy.

44. In high school I was known as a nerdy goodie-goodie. The thick glasses, buck teeth, and braces didn't help.

45. Sunny days are totally made for hiking. I take my camera and we go for a good long walk.

46. I was a foster Mom for 10 years. It was hard but rewarding.

47. I'm a step mom and a regular ol' Mom. Hubs has a 30 something daughter, we also have a young-ish teen together.

48. A goal of mine is to join a gym and really get in better shape.

49. When I was in high school I dated a football player from California who drove a trans-am. I thought he was soooooooo hot.

50. My Hubs is a great guy. He brings me coffee on Sundays when I'm working.

51. Math scares me.

52. I'm a Momma Bear when it comes to Jake. Discussing learning disabilities is a sensitive topic for me and you're guaranteed to get a passionate response.

53. I'm easily frustrated with people who just don't get it, either.

54. My very favorite holidays are Halloween and Easter. With that much chocolate, how can you go wrong? Plus there's no family obligation, no gifts, and if you want to participate great-if you don't, nobody cares. Love it!

55. Mini chocolate bars were a great invention but I end up eating 6 in one sitting.

56. As a child I took piano lessons, but I was never very good at it. I don't play now, and I forgot how to read music. Which is fine because I have no desire to play anyway.

57. Instead I was in choir as a teen, and I loved it.

58. The only piercings I have are in my ears. I got them at South center Mall in Seattle when I was 11.

59. I'm not into pop culture. I really could care less about the stars and who they're dating, if they're in rehab, or how much they weigh.

60. Our family rarely eats fast food; in three years I've never eaten at our local McDonalds.

61. Music tastes in the house: Me-pop/country, Jake-alternative/rock, Hubs-rock

62. I am completely addicted to my iPod Touch. I tweet on it constantly.

63. My cell phone is complicated and I'm still trying to figure it out.

64. I'm allergic to anything that is green and pollinates.

65. My favorite season is fall. I love the colors, the crunchy leaves, and going to the pumpkin patch.

66. Speaking of pumpkins, I adore pumpkin pie. It's the one kind of pie I absolutely refuse to share. Touch my slice and you'll find a fork sticking out of your hand. Next fave is blueberry.

67. At 25 years old I caught the chicken pox. It was NASTY.

68. Then I gave it to 9 month old Jake. Oops.

69. I'm often thinking of new recipes in my head.

70. By August I'll have cooked, photographed, and written up over 160 recipes. Power cooking or WHAT?

71. I sing to Michael Jackson music in my car.

72. When I'm stressed or upset, I just quit talking.

73. The biggest scare I have had was when I was scuba diving off BC's Coast. I was wearing a dry suit that was too big, and my feet popped out of the boots, the extra space filled up with air, and I shot to the surface from 60 ft below. SO. FREAKY.

74. The coolest moment I've had diving was feeding Potato Cod and a giant Moray Eel in Shark Alley on the Great Barrier Reef. BIG. UGLY. FISH. The eel was a little nerve wracking when it swims around your legs looking for food. However it was freaky in a cool way.

75. We used to own a boat. While I enjoyed it, I didn't enjoy the fact that I get seasick very easily. Boats also make me very, very, sleepy.

76. I'm actually quite shy in real life until you get to know me.

77. Hubs is allergic to gold and can't wear his wedding band so women think he's single and hit on him regularly.

78. We also used to own a plane. I hated taking off and landing, because I thought we would crash.

79. I really, really hate cleaning bathrooms. Especially the shower.

80. I've been a cashier at a grocery store. I swear all the crazy people came to my till. Some even threw stuff at me. I quit to work for Starbucks instead.

81. The first big roller coaster I ever went on was Colossus, at Six Flags Magic Mountain. While going up the first hill my safety bar came undone and I couldn't get it snapped back down. I never, ever, rode another roller coaster until 20 years later. I have yet to go on one that goes upside down.

82. My favorite Disney ride is the Tower of Terror. I don't mind rides that drop me, but don't spin me or you'll be sorry.

83. I firmly believe that chocolate should be a food group.

84. My favorite flavor jelly belly is very cherry.

85. I really do NOT like anything watermelon flavored...except watermelon.

86. For Road Trip 2010, I'm taking Jake white water rafting on the Colorado.

87. I love to have a big kitchen, since I love to cook and I'm good at it. And I make a big mess. I hate to clean up.

88. I have lived in 10 different places in my entire life, all in BC. 3 of them have been 5 minutes or less by car from the ocean.

89. I lose things; keys, my car (in a parking lot), etc all the time.

90. Big parties aren't my thing. Too loud, too many people, too much stress. I like things low keyed.

91. I really like teenagers. They are so much more fun to be around now that I'm an adult, lol!

92. In 17 years I've worked in over 100 schools, with kids ranging from 4 years old to 19.

93. I really want to go to Blog Her 2011. We'll see if that works out.

94. My goal for Notes From the Cookie Jar is to stay true to myself and my writing, whatever comes my way.

95. I AM going to my first blogger's conference (Northern Voice 2010) in May 2010

96. Hats are annoying. I refuse to wear them. In fact, I don't like anything touching my head.

97. I started crocheting an afghan made of squares last fall. It's not even remotely finished. I have made numerous scarves, though.

98. I'd like to try vlogging. I'm a bit paranoid I'll look foolish.

99. There's been some considering about changing careers in this house. Hmmm....

100. One day I would really love to get a toy Australian shepherd. I just have to work on Hubs first.

101. Hubs believes that all my work blogging will pay off one day with a writing job that pays actual money.

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