Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Notes On Dyspraxia

Maybe you've clicked over here because you know someone who has dyspraxia. Maybe you're just curious, or you are looking for answers yourself. Like the tag line of a famous blog, I don't have answers. Just stories. Stories of the deep dark days where we felt like we were in the bowels of Hell itself, and of sweet, glorious triumph.

Back in the dark days, I read the book Raising Blaze by Debra Ginsberg. I was so taken with her story that I e-mailed her, pouring out our own. To my amazement, she e-mailed me back. I don't remember exactly what she said, but something about her words made me hold onto the hope that there WAS some type of light at the end of the tunnel. There was hope. She had fought a school system, and so could I. I clung to that belief even in the darkest days, even the one when for a brief millisecond I considered ending it all.

Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is not a well known condition. Even though Hubs and I have worked with children for well over 45 years between the two of us, we had never heard of it until 2006 when I worked with a child diagnosed with it. Our family feels that in some way, it is our duty to spread the word so that other parents who are going through struggles with their own children know that they are not alone.

What does Jake have to say about that?

"If telling our story makes just ONE parent out there understand dyspraxia better, then they teach their kids. Then those kids are more understanding of kids like me and don't tease and bully them in school. And THAT is worth it."

Jake's Story : In the beginning.....our story and how we've gotten here

Happy Ending: The elementary school years were hell, but they did have a happy ending.

What Matters : The uncomfortable task of advocating

Bearish Mommy : Realizing I don't have to be Mama Bear all the time

Road to a Diagnosis : Our experience with the process at SunnyHill Health Center

I'm not Crazy After All: Finally getting the diagnosis

In a Knot About Sensory Integration: Kids with dyspraxia/DCD can have sensory sensitivities too...and how we finally put the puzzle together.

Thursday 13 Sensory Stories : Wacky and weird sensory sensitivities in our house

Socks and the Sensory Sensitive : What's up with the socks, already?

Details, Details: Having a husband AND a kid with sensory sensitivities makes for an interesting household.

My Child Is Not a Freak : The whole gifted/dyspraxic idea is foreign to some

Report Card Day: Vindication. Finally!

The G Word: On being gifted

To Tell or Not to Tell : Telling others you're gifted

The Invisibility Factor: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there

Heart of Gold: A story I wrote to thank the professionals that gave us our son back. This one made it into the final round of considerations for a Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Soul book.

Dyspraxia: The Myth of Lazy (assistive technology and a teen's social life don't mix)

In the beginning: Learning what Dyspraxia and sensory integration were : Symptoms listed

Tips for Parents : Aka: The stuff I learned the hard way

Adaptations and Strategies for home and school

Books, Web pages, toys, and other resources : If you have anything to add, please leave something in the comments!

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