Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pitch Policy

Welcome to Notes from the Cookie Jar!  You've clicked here because you are a PR person and you want to talk to me.  To save us both time, keep reading!

My name is Karen.  Send me a brief, original e-mail, not just a press release, or it will be deleted. My e-mail address is notesfromthecookiejar (at) yahoo (dot) ca.

If you are looking to pitch me something for Yummy Mummy Club such as products to review, giveaways, sponsored posts, etc then send it to:


If you are looking for something to be featured on Notes from the Cookie Jar and/or Chasing Tomatoes, keep reading: 

Currently,  I am on a blogging break-which means no new content will be posted on Notes From the Cookie Jar and Chasing Tomatoes until August 2013.  Also, my blogs are no longer doing product reviews, contests, giveaways, sponsored posts, guest posts, or offering ad space.  I am focusing on what kind of writing brings me joy, and writing about products for companies didn't do that.  The pay is too little, it takes up too much time, and is not worth my while. I am not interested in sharing your products/recipes/news/campaign  with my readers.

I WILL work with companies looking for sponsorship opportunities for conferences, such as Blissdom Canada (October 2013). Definitely contact me for details if you are interested. In this case, I would be willing to work with you over a 3 month period, posting on my blog, facebook, flickr, pinterest, and twitter. I can also offer ad space.

Occasionally, I will try products and give you feedback on twitter or facebook-especially if you are a company who I love and already purchase. I will drop you a line and in that event, let you know. I believe in establishing relationships with companies, not having a one post stand.

I am not a mommy blogger. I do not have small children. I have a 17 year old son-so anything geared to the under 14 set is not something I'm interested in.

I'm interested in technology, travel, cooking, and food.

At the moment, I am exploring the Fraser Valley and visiting farmers, food producers, gourmet shops, and more.  As someone who writes with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution team, I want to highlight what wonderful real food options we have available in the Fraser Valley. If you are a business owner or farmer and want to arrange a visit, send me an email!  I'd love to talk to you and visit your business.  I may bring my equally enthusiastic 17 year old and take photos, ask questions, pick up a few items to bring home, and likely feature your work here or on Yummy Mummy Club.

If you want to send me a cookbook to review, by all means email me - I always love new cookbooks and use them regularly.  If I love it, I will write a review and rave about it to everyone I know.

If you want me to come to an event in the Lower Mainland, check out your new store/restaurant, hire me to write an article for your site, speak at a conference (I've done that, too!), then email me. I will enthusiastically talk about your work  on Facebook and Twitter, and once I'm back from my blog break, I'll talk about you on Notes from the Cookie Jar.

Any questions? I can be found at notesfromthecookiejar(at) yahoo (dot) ca

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